Women’s Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Working with street kids also often leads us to a connection with their mothers. Most of these women have been widowed or abandoned by their husbands. To cope with their heartbreaking situation, they often turn to many types of addictions. Project I Am International works to rescue these mothers off the streets simultaneously as we do with their children.

We believe the family unit, in most situations, is essential to preserve. Often times, she first sends her children to our rescue home before she also leaves the streets.
It can be difficult for them to make the choice to leave the life they have been accustomed to on the streets behind, but they also understand and want a better future for their children.

Once a mother chooses to leave the streets, we work to restore her complete health – physical, emotional, and spiritual – from the years of abuse, hardships, and addictions she has endured.

Part of our rehabilitation program is giving them an opportunity to earn an income. We train them in multiple different types of skills depending on their interest. Currently, we are developing a social enterprise that will employ our women and others like them in our surrounding community. Our prayer is that by helping them establish a sustainable income, they will find hope and create a new life for themselves and their children. Stay tuned to learn more about this new venture, The IndiArtisan Collective, due to launch in early 2022.

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Right now, we are in need of raising start-up support to pay for the rent of our working space and purchase sewing machines and supplies. To help these mothers have a fresh start at life, click on the link below