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Welcome to Project I AM International

Project I Am International is a humanitarian organization working to break generational poverty caused by social inequality through education and aid.

Project I Am International is a registered 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible in full or in part.

what is street kid

What is a Street Kid?

According to UNICEF, over 11 MILLION children currently live on the streets of India.
For these innocent children, the streets are their only home. They spend their days scavenging landfills and wandering train stations or the main roads of major cities. Their only source of survival is begging or selling small gadgets or toys under the hot sun and in crowded markets. Every day, their only goal is to earn just enough money to eat one meal before making their bed on the cold, dirty sidewalk or underneath a bench in a bus station. The police, the ones that should be offering the protection they crave, often beat and harass them in the middle of the night.

They have no safety, no love, and no place to call their home.

Each day, they become more vulnerable as they fall prey to the reality of life on the streets – abuse, trafficking, addiction.

Our Mission

Project “I Am” simply exists to save lives. Our mission is to bring love to the people of India by creating practical programs to address their deepest needs, whatever the circumstance might be.

Our Vision

India is a country of many religious groups. Ultimately, this diversity has led to a societal caste system crippling millions of people from escaping extreme poverty. Home to over eleven million street children..

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