Our Mission

our mission

Our Mission

Project “I Am” simply exists to save lives. Our mission is to bring love to the people of India by creating practical programs to address their deepest needs, whatever the circumstance might be. Just as Moses was sent to rescue the Israelites from their bondage, we too feel the same calling to go directly into these desperate situations by meeting their needs and leading people into social and spiritual freedom.

our vision

Our Vision

India is a country of many religious groups. Ultimately, this diversity has led to a societal caste system crippling millions of people from escaping extreme poverty. Home to over eleven million street children, forty-nine thousand slum areas, and the murder of over five million baby girls every year, our vision is to rescue the future generations of India from the yoke of poverty. To fight against mass injustice, to bring people from dependency to independence, and to ultimately teach that ones true value and identity is not found in the label of caste, but in being a child of the one true God. Our desire is to train our kids to become successful leaders in whatever path they make decide to take in life.

Train our kids and families to become Kingdom builders in whatever path they may decide to take in life.