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Rekha was first noticed by Project I Am staff when she was digging through a local dump for scrap metal to sell. Her father was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend in 2017. Her mother was an alcoholic and did not care for or protect her young daughter. Rekha was rescued by PIA in 2017 and now is thriving. Her mother also recovered from her addiction and lives with her at our rescue home.


Aarthi had only ever known the streets as home. Her parents neglected her and she was forced to beg every day in the traffic, often verbally harassed by the crowds. She was in a very vulnerable situation being a young girl with no protection that a child needs. She was rescued by Project I Am International in 2018. She is now healthy, thriving, and safe. Her mom still chooses the streets as her home, but comes and visits Aarthi occasionally.


Anushka was born on the streets of Hyderabad. Her mother and four older siblings were already calling a small tarp on the side of the road their home. She faced many hardships in her young life. At the age of three, her entire family was rescued by Project I Am International. She has happily grown up under our care and loves going to school. Her mom also recovered from her alcohol addiction and lives with us at our rescue home.


Vriksha’s parents had an abusive marriage because of his drinking problem. Her father unfortunately committed suicide when she was young. Only having a third grade education, her mother works as a maid and cook in several homes trying to give her children the best life she can. Vriksha’s mother came to Project I Am asking for help to support her children’s education. We have stepped to ensure both Vriksha and her brother receive a quality education and learn about their true Father, Jesus Christ.


Sangeetha was living on the streets in Hyderabad. Every day, her mom, who is an alcoholic, forced her to beg in heavy traffic so she would have money to drink. Sangeetha survived by eating leftover food restaurants would give her at night. She was rescued by Project I Am International in 2019 and currently lives in our girls’ home. While Sangeetha is safe, her mother has chosen to remain on the streets.


Pooja was living in a city slum amongst migrant workers. Her home only consisted of a tarp draped over some waste wood. She was begging on the road when our team spotted her during our COVID relief work. . She was extremely vulnerable as she slept on the side of the main road with no one caring for her daily needs or providing basic safety a child needs. Pooja is now safely living in one of our Project I Am Rescue Homes.

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